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Culture. Mainstream. Hype.

The perfect description for the sneaker cult today, but in the early days of sneakers things were different. Sneakers were for sports, for athletes and only meant to be worn by regular people in their spare time. Brands like Nike, Adidas or Puma developed their products for a niche of people. But over the years fashion has changed and the general sports image about sneakers changed drastically.

The first to tap into sneaker cult were the earlier hip hop and rap artists by wearing white Nike or Reebok sneakers to oversized baggy pants. And as the hip hop and rap culture grew the sneaker cult became hype and turned into a mainstream movement. The kids started to camp out to cop the latest releases, artists tried to get multimillion deals with brands and the sneaker hype was born.

Combining the culture of sneakers and the habit of collecting and trading SoleYama is not only a collectors favourite, but also a great addition to everyones kick game.

SoleYama - the culture in your hands.